SOMALILAND AWARDS 2022: Special edition!

Somaliland Remembers Waheen Market Fire Heroes At Somaliland Awards Ceremony.
This year we will recognize a group of Somalilanders whose bravery and commitment to their fellow citizens showed us the true meaning of heroism.
On 2nd of April 2022, one of the worst days our country has ever witnessed, we witnessed the courage of some of the finest people our country has ever produced. And their sacrifice will be remembered and celebrated.

About Somaliland Awards?

The Somaliland Awards is a platform that acknowledges outstanding achievements of Somalilanders that are going above and beyond every day. Therefore, this prestigious Somaliland Awards Ceremony honours the accomplishments, achievements, value and contributions to Somaliland success stories from all walks of life, and recognises inspirational role models from the fields of business, social work, sports and entertainment.

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