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Business of the Year

This Award will go to the outstanding companies that best demonstrate exceptional financial returns, strong growth and innovation strategies, and market leadership in its sector.

Women Entrepreneur of the Year

Women of the year award are presented to the most extraordinary & inspirational women from a variety of fields including business, entertainment, sports, education and the public sector.

Outstanding Community contribution of the Year

It must evidence of a clearly expressed and widely communicated strategy, mainly focusing on actions which demonstrate a responsibility to prevent the social and natural environments

Entrepreneur of the Year

The Entrepreneur of the year award recognizes the individual(s) that demonstrates or introduces a creative business initiative that exists at least one (1) year. Judges will be looking at

Young person of the Year

Nominee must be born on or after January 1, 1995 with one (1) or more years of professional experience in their current career.

Outstanding Educational Achievement Award