Benefits of Being Nominated

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Somaliland Awards provides you and your business with:

  • A chance for you to review your business practices
  • A great team building exercise
  • A chance to put your business in the spotlight with key local publicity
  • Independent feedback from expert judges
  • A useful benchmark of your progress and achievements against competitors and other sectors in the local business environment
  • Opportunities to network with other business leaders and professionals
  • Tangible acknowledgement of the effort of staff and business owners
  • Reward and acknowledgement of the contribution made by employees in growing and developing your business
  • A means of engendering pride in your business
  • An opportunity to focus on your business, its core strengths and the competitive advantages that make it a worthy candidate for business excellence

Finalists and winners also receive:

  • Public recognition of outstanding business success and achievement
  • Exclusive rights to use Somaliland Awards 2019 logo for promotion and marketing purposes
  • On-going promotional opportunities to demonstrate leadership and excellence
  • An opportunity to celebrate their business’ many strengths and unique qualities
  • For category winners, a prestigious trophy.